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Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Artful Gathering with Riki Schumacher

I have made two more necklaces for my "Sweet Tweets" class with the online retreat, Artful Gathering. But before I show you the photos, I want to mention something about Google Reader.

If you use Google to read my blog or any blog I hope you already know that they are stopping Google Reader on Monday and you will no longer be able to use it.

I have no idea why Google made this decision but I recommend using Bloglovin. You can use my link or go to and sign up. They will ask if you want to transfer any blogs from Google Reader. Simply follow the directions. It's easy peasy. To add new blogs to your list just go to the blog, copy their URL from the top left address block and go to bloglovin and put the address in the search box.

Now that the technical stuff is finished we can have fun.


 I made some more Nesties and this time used a brass fairy as a focal. It also tried to make my nests a little more substantial.
 I wanted a look that was a little like an enchanted garden so I used some flower and leaf beads that I got from The Curious Bead Shop with Rebecca Anderson at Etsy.
I'm in her club and get wonderful beads in the mail every month from England.

As you might have gathered, my favorite color is blue and I love the brown and champagne with it.

The next necklace I wanted to make was a Southwest look. I have lots of turquoise in various shapes and I found some red coral that I thought would look great.

I really like silver with turquoise so I made a mixed metal look with the copper Nestie.

I thought the Nestie looked a little empty so I added the three turquoise eggs and the silver wing.

I am very happy with the result and have worn it already.

I wanted to let you know that if you ever get to take a class with Riki Schumacher, do it. She is such a wonderful teacher and a darn nice person. Click here to go to her blog.

I hope you all have a productive week and happy creating.

Julie Panusis

Monday, June 10, 2013

Artful Gathering Mixed Media Online Retreat

I apologize for being a little lax in blogging lately but I have a good excuse. On May 22, I went to the hospital for surgery and had a hiatal hernia repaired. I never knew what a hiatal hernia was until I found out I had one.

It seems that your stomach goes up through your diaphragm at the hole where your esophagus goes down and you end up with part of your stomach in your chest cavity where it shouldn't be.

They do the surgery laparoscopically  so I have five holes in my stomach area that were covered with super glue to heal. I have been careful not to sneeze. I am doing much better now but I have been very weak and I nap a lot. LOL

That leads me to the subject that I really want to talk about. I needed to find something to occupy my time while I was recuperating. I eventually discovered an online mixed media art retreat called Artful Gathering. The workshop I am taking is called "Sweet Tweets" with Riki Schumacher.

It involves making jewelry components with wire and silver bearing solder and I am having a ball with it.

Kirk helped me set up a soldering station outside by his new green house so I wouldn't have to worry about smoke and fumes. It's a cozy little spot with the green house blocking the breeze.

My soldering set up before I started

These findings have been soldered and scrubbed
After they have been brushed with patina

My finished findings after trimming and polishing

They will be part of a necklace that I am building with the help of videos by Riki.

I will post photos of my finished necklace next time.

I have been very slow about posting my photos for "Focus on Life" my online photo challenge.

For Week 19, Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime, posted the prompt: Hope.

At first I couldn't think of a photo that I had taken which would evoke that feeling but then I remembered.

Often when we have out of town company, we take them to Dollar Days at the races. Now I don't gamble on the horses, I just love to watch these magnificent animals.

That doesn't stop us from picking our favorites and hope they win. In fact it is so much fun to cheer your horse on to the finish line.

The prompt posted for Week 21 was the word: Reminisce.

I took this photo about twenty-one years ago this month.

It is my sweet daughter Kim and her first child, Rakaiah Christine McClelland; my first grandchild.

Kya turned twenty-one at the end of last week.

I just can't believe it. The years just fly by. Enjoy them while you can.

I would like to end this post by introducing you to our beloved cat Reggie. He was a rescue and lived with us for nearly seventeen years before he went to heaven.

Reggie is the reason I call my business is called: Cat's Meow Co. and he will never be replaced. He was top dog in our family.

RIP sweet Reggie
Have a wonderful week!
Julie Panusis