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Friday, March 8, 2013

It Could Happen to You

Yesterday turned out to be fun and educational for me.

I have been working on getting healthier so when I found out that my Health Plan, Kaiser Permanente, gave free classes for members I signed up.
Now I live in Petaluma but the class I wanted was held at the Richmond Campus which is about 35 miles from us and you must go on a very large bridge across the bay so I was a little uncomfortable about the commute.

We were to be there at 7:45 am for an 8 am class and that would be traffic time. I decided to leave the house at 6 am because they said they would lock the door on anyone who was late. I was ready to go early as I am a morning person, so I actually left at 5:45 am.

It turned out that there are very few people on the freeway at that time. I was going 60 mph or more the entire way so I got there, parked and was in the building in an hour. I went to the third floor and there was no one at reception so I looked for a class room and parked myself outside the locked door.

I had packed a canvas bag with essentials because it was a four hour class. I had my notebook, my workbook, water bottle, and a banana and orange and my maps. I went to the bathroom to check my face and sat my bag on the sink.
Well, the faucet was the hospital kind that goes up and over to really let you get your hands under for a good scrub. It was also motion activated. I turned around and heard a water noise. When I looked back, my bag was being filled with water. I grabbed the bag as the water turned off and set off the motion detector again. My bag got a second fill. By that time I was laughing so hard I couldn’t see so I poured the contents of my bag, water and all in the sink. Of course, that made the water run again on top of my mushy paper and wet snacks.

I finally escaped the bathroom with lots of paper towels and wet everything. I met another woman wandering around looking for the class so we settled in the chairs and got to know each other.

Soon it was 7:30 am and there was no one else around. We went looking for humans and found out we were in the wrong building.

I am so happy that I made a new friend who was just as lost as I was.

By the way, we got there on time, it was a wonderful class and they didn’t lock anyone out.
What did you do for fun yesterday?
Julie Panusis


  1. Oooohhhh Julie! I'm grinning thinking about your unintended water play in the Kaiser women's restroom!! You know you bring us joy! You take life's annoyances and put a spin on them to help us see the funny.
    Glad you made the class and so happy for your healthy choices. You are a blessing to me!

  2. Thanks, Chris. I guess I was born for comedy and not drama. It makes life a lot more fun. Hugs

  3. What a morning you had! When things like that happen it is not worth stressing over. If we can't laugh at ourselves life would really get us down.

    Yesterday I was feeling stressed that there is to much week left at the end of the paycheck. My jeans are getting worn out so I ended up at a sale at JCP where I just used the plastic. Although I'm not a "shopper" I got some great deals and I feel great in my new duds. I think I would have had an even better time if I was shopping with you, Julie.

    1. New clothes are good for the soul. I love shopping with you, Deb. I wish we lived closer.

    2. I ran into your blog while doing a search for the Cat's Meow (which is the name of my store.. smile. ).. I read this.. and had to laugh.. gonna follow your blog too..

  4. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my blog. Life is an adventure, isn't it?
    I love Cat's Meow as a name. I'm sure you will have a successful store as cats are good luck for me. I have had the name Cat's Meow Co. for over 20 years on several small businesses and people tend to remember the name.
    Good luck with your crochet. I love to knit but crochet is Greek to me. I admire people that have the skill.
    Happy Day!