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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Documenting My Day

I’m sitting upstairs in my bedroom at my computer looking out the window at the most incredibly beautiful day you can imagine. The sky is a piercing blue with no clouds and there’s green everywhere.
First window on the left
We get this in the bay area in the fall and early winter. That’s when we finally have some rain and within days all the gold turns to green. I’m not talking about the trees that drop their leaves. They are just showing all their glorious colors but everything else is GREEN.
 It’s spectacular and reminds of my beloved Michigan the place of my birth and the most beautiful spot on the planet.

 I often walk through my neighborhood with my camera and do what I call, "documenting my day." I feel it makes me appreciate my surroundings and helps me know how blessed I am.

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the neighbors are having a garage sale. They have had an amazing amount of people stop by. I guess everyone is in the shopping mode as it is Small Business Saturday. You can’t get a much smaller business than a garage sale. What a fantastic idea! I am making a mental note for next year.

We wish you joy in this holiday season.

Be back soon!
Julie Panusis



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