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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bead Soup Partner and Me

I am so pleased to announce that I have a partner for Lori Anderson's 7th Bead Soup Party.

She is Kathleen Lange Klik from Virginia. Kathleen is a jewelry artist and a photographer. I love her style. She gets lots of her inspiration from nature which is very similar to how I work.
Kathleen also loves dogs, especially her adopted dog, Twila. You can read her blog about Twila here. I think we are going to have great fun.

In fact, I already have her Bead Soup ready to mail. Here's a photo.

Sorry, it has to be a teaser photo because I can't actually show what I send her until she receives it in the mail. That would spoil her surprise.

I will mail it Friday and see how long a snail mail package takes to get to Virginia.

The other thing I wanted to talk about is the Focus on Life Photo Challenge. I got into the challenge late and missed the first four posts. I really wanted to catch up so I will be double posting until I do.

The Week 1 prompt was to take a self portrait. Wow, I don't ever remember taking a photo of myself unless it was to document an injury and that was of a limb or my head when I cracked it open.

My sister Debbie takes her own photo all the time and they seem to come out great. (Now that I think about it, why would she post a photo if it didn't come out great?)

Anyway, I went to the bathroom in front of the wall mirror with my trusty pink Cannon and started to snap away. I found there was a learning curve to taking your photo in a mirror and pretty soon it was hard to even see because I was laughing so much.

So, without further ado, I am going to show you the progression of my self portrait.

So what did you do to keep yourself occupied today? LOL

Happy Wednesday
Julie Panusis



  1. I am thrilled to be partnered up with you Julie! I am also now giddy with excitement, anxiously awaiting my bead soup-the teaser photos are so intriguing!

    Love your self portraits! I got a laugh out of the progression. Your cat pushing the others head into the bowl is hysterical! That is one amazing photo.

  2. Yes, we will have fun!
    I wish I could claim the cat photo. I love it too. I like to end each of my posts with a cat photo so I have a collection from the internet. Unfortunately, most of them have no photo credit so I can't give credit where credit is due.
    I too enjoyed your post today. Thanks for being you.

  3. Hahahaaaa! I LOVE your self-portrait progression! I have to take about 10 different pics before I ever get one that might work. :-D

    1. I never got one I actually liked, I just got tired and quit, LOL.

  4. Stopping by visiting all the blogs taking part in the Bead Soup Blog Party cant wait to see what you make!