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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Find Your Word and Take Time

Once again I will catch up with the Focus on Life Challenge.

On Week 2 of the challenge by Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime, we were told to find a word for the year. This word should remind us to focus on the things we would like to do with our life.

The word I chose is Venture. The dictionary says:
experiment (a venture at something new or different)
drive; effort; movement (a series of actions tending toward a particular end)
For me it means to make an effort to keep going. To always try new things and meet new people. That's one reason why I love to travel.

This photo was taken on our trip to Florida in January. We were on our way to places we had never been. Venture forth, comes to mind.

 On Week 3 of the challenge, Sally gave us the prompt: Take Time.
That one really stopped me in my tracks. For some reason, I don't read anymore and that's what I used to do to relax and take time for myself.

My husband came up with the answer right away. You need to post a photo of your studios. That's right, since I'm not in the business of selling jewelry, that is how I take time for myself now.

This is where I go in the winter to do my projects. It is an upstairs bedroom where I used to sew. Now it is a beading studio. I set it up in 2009 and have spent many an hour taking time for myself.

I must assure you that it doesn't look like that now because I work in it but it is my haven.

 On the right is my garage studio for metal working. I also do my glass fusing and ceramic firing there.

I don't use this studio as much in the winter unless I am firing.

 On my last post, I promised to let you know how many people posted about animals in Feel the Love. So far there are 61 posts and 30 of them feature animals (almost half). I expected dogs and cats but was surprised by the variety of animals included. There were also goats, monkeys, guinea pigs and love birds. I am so happy to see so many people love animals. It gives me hope for us humans.

Happy Wednesday!

Julie Panusis

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