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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thanks for My Bead Soup

I love the fantastic soup my partner, Kathleen Lange Klik, cooked up for me for the 7th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party. The variety of ingredients is incredible. Each day I look at it and have several new and different ideas.

Lori Anderson only requires us to use the focal and clasp but I see several focals and many necklaces and a bracelet or two to be made. Will I ever meet my reveal date of April 6? Yes, of course.

I took photos as I opened the package. She had even stamped the front of the padded envelope with a bird in a tree. The box was wrapped in that wonderful green filigree ribbon and decorated with a filigreed stamped brass leaf.

How did she know that I love fiber? She sent so many wonderful treats for the touch and the eyes plus all the beads and metal findings.

 This is the photo that Kathleen posted on her blog. She is a professional photographer and she even labeled the beads and findings. Notice the soft green of the jade and the multi green of the Ceramic button. I love the hints of purple in the Greek ceramic spacers and the green, yellow and purple in the cane glass and the square glass beads. The double holed bamboo beads intrigue me as do the hematite and the perfect ceramic bead by Firefly Design Studio. She also sent a string of tear shaped shell beads and a beautiful strand of leopard jasper. What a lucky gal I am. Last but never least, the metal. Oh, the gunmetal is divine and the cherry on top is the tree pennant by Green Girl Studios. I have several more Green Girl pieces, perhaps I can incorporate them.

 This is the teaser photo of some of the things I sent to Kathleen. And below is the real photo. You will just have to go to her blog to see if she liked them. LOL

The soup I sent to Kathleen included some of my handmade Painting with Fire enameled beads. Thanks, Barbara Lewis.
Have a super day!
 Julie Panusis


  1. Both soups are really lovely. You guys will have a lot of fun creating with those assortments of goodies.

    1. Thanks, I really like your pendants and I love your precious cat with the black thumb.

  2. So glad that you like the soup I sent you! I am really looking forward to seeing what you create with it. Glad you liked the fiber as well. I love what you sent me and I too have a few ideas stirring, especially with the red creek jasper pendant-my favorite ingredient!

    1. I think that and the frog were my favorites of what I sent. This is so much fun. I'm glad I took the plunge and signed up.

    2. The frog is right up there with the Red Creek Jasper-it is a spectacular piece! I too fell in love with it when I saw it.

  3. Oh, where did you get this great frog bead? He looks so great! :)

  4. I actually got him at the Portland Bead Fest a few years ago but the lady that sold him to me said, "oh, my friend made it" so I can't give artist credit. Sorry.
    I think he is fantastic too.