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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Studio Space

My husband, Kirk, and I are very lucky to have our own space in which to work. Kirk is interested in lots of things as am I. They just don't happen to be the same things.

Kirk loves to play music and dabbles in the piano, guitar and drums. I love music and play the radio and the CD player.

Kirk loves to garden and has planted our vegetable plots for the last several years in our front and back yards.

I love fresh vegetables and fruit. I am happy to help pick, wash and cook the food.

I love to make jewelry and took up fused glass to make cabochons and pendants. Kirk got interested in the fused glass and played with fire and glass noodles until he could actually write words with glass. No jewelry for him!

It seems we are the same only different and I think that is why we get along so well. We will celebrate thirty years of marriage next June and I can count the arguments on one hand. Or maybe he is just easy to get along with. LOL

Kirk, Julie and Kim, 1980, picking blueberries in Washington State.
One day I made this loving declaration to him: "You know you don't annoy me half as much as other people do!" His reply: "Thank you, I think." Now that's the basis for true love.

When we bought our house about ten years ago, we both knew that a car would never see the inside of our two car garage.

We finished the walls and made it our shared work space. He got stage left and I got the stage right.

Julie's side of the garage
I went in the other day and started laughing about how different the sides look. My side is organized (most of the time) and Kirk's side is chaos.

My assessment is that he is probably more of an artist than I am. He is able to start a project and focus on it until it is done.

Kirk's work space for his clay sculpture
I find it very difficult to work in chaos and will go out to the studio and spend my time and energy to clean and sort things on my bench before I can work so I don't get much done. It takes me twice as long to do a project.

Is one of us right and one wrong? NO!

We are the same only different.

Happy December!

Julie Panusis





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  1. Too funny! And also true. I can't work in chaos in my studio -- or the kitchen at a certain point. But I have a high tolerance for some amount of clutter around the house. It drives my hubby crazy. He sees "mess;" I see neat "stacks" of things I just haven't gotten to yet. :)