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Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Believe in Supporting Other Artists

I have always supported other Artists and Crafts People

There is something so wonderful about an object made by another person's hand. I have always been attracted to that which is hand carved, hand sewn, hand knit or hand made.
My husband and I have fun each year going to the holiday craft fairs and buying lots of hand crafted gifts.
I used to try to make everything but soon I decided it was a win, win to support other craft people. I get less stress and they get more money to feed their craft.
On Black Friday I noticed a Facebook post by my online friend, Heidi Mansfield Kingman of My Bead Therapy that she was having a flash sale on her jewelry. Now I love metalwork and wirework but Heidi is young and can handle the heavy gauge wire that I can't manipulate any more.

I have often drooled over her designs and have purchased one of her wonderful signature bird houses in the past. I jumped at the chance to get a new custom piece from her.
I quickly went to her web site and found the bracelet of my dreams and bought it. I gave her the information to stamp on it and used Paypal to pay. What could be easier?

My biggest surprise is how fast it was made and sent. Heidi has a full time job, a family with children and a dog. I know I could not have made it that fast. But.........I'm not complaining!

Stop by Heidi's blog if you get a chance. She is very generous with her jewelry making information.

So, I am thrilled with my bracelet. I have worn it everyday now since it came in the mail.

Thanks so much, Heidi, for my bracelet and for being you!

Julie Panusis



  1. The bracelet is GREAT! She does lovely work~and the saying is YOU. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks Chris,
    I really appreciate that you take the time to read my blog. You are one of the most supportive Artists that I know.

  3. Awww -- Julie! I am so touched that you blogged this! I was touched when you bought the birdhouse and bracelet, too -- especially given that I know how talented you are yourself! I am truly honored.

    And I hope my hands hold out for a long time because I really do love the heavy wire. I did notice that pulling that 16 gauge wire around was not all that easy this time around though! I should squeeze one of those stress balls to keep my strength up! ;)

  4. Heidi sure is a super woman and talented artist! I don't know how she does it all! Love her work :)

    1. It takes one to know one. You too are very talented. I want to feature your art soon, my dear Kumi.
      Miss you.

  5. Lol - both of you! I can just hear the announcer-voice, "Heidi . . . the myth, the legend . . ." Hahaha! I am not super woman. I just choose not to pay attention to the conventional concepts of what fills an average day. I want to do it all . . . and now. Squirrel!!! :)