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Friday, December 28, 2012

My Life as an Abbott and Costello Skit


On December 26, I fell and cracked my head open. Now you may think this is terrible and it is in many ways but as usual, things turned out to be quite funny.

We arrived at the Kaiser Permanente Emergency about 10:30 PM. No one rushed out and greeted us like they do on TV. Kirk went in and got a wheel chair and wheeled me in to the front where even though I had a bloody towel to my head, no one greeted us or even looked our way. We waited at the yellow line. The one that says: Respect Other's Privacy and Do Not Cross!

After what seemed an eternity, the Triage Nurse came over and we wheeled up to her desk. I started to tell her what happened but she held up a hand to indicate I wasn't to talk until she finished typing.

Nurse, "What happened to your head?" as she eyed my husband, Kirk, suspiciously. Me, "I fell down the stairs." Nurse, "How many stairs?" Me, "Two." Nurse, "Were you unconscious?" Me, "I don't think so." Nurse, "Were you going up or down?" Me, "I was going down." Nurse, "How did you hit the back of your head?" Me, "I was going backwards." Nurse, "Why were you going backwards?" Me, "So I wouldn't fall."

The nurse was now laughing hysterically. I wanted her to lighten up but not that much. "Hey, I'm bleeding here!" I telepathically beamed at her.

The very same conversation was repeated when I got in the room and the Doctor arrived. She too thought it was hilarious. I am so happy that I got to provide them comic relief.


Christmas ornaments made with Dominoes

In my last post I told you that Kirk and I had made lots of Christmas ornaments with dominoes but he had given them away before I photographed them. Good news! He brought two home.

Here's how we made them:

Buy dominoes at a garage sale or the dollar store or online.

Print out photos on glossy photo paper. You can also buy digital art for jewelry making online or at Etsy.

Cover domino on spot side with Mod Podge Matte and trim and place photo. Brush on more Mod Podge and let dry thoroughly.

Mix Ice Resin according to instructions and cover the art work using a tooth pick or a wooden stick.

Add embellishments to wet resin. You can use flat back rhinestones. glitter, small beads or whatever suits your fancy.

It's best to work on parchment paper, an old plastic bag or any non-stick surface. If some spills, wick it up with a paper towel the best you can but don't panic. You can remove spills from the domino after it sets up in 24 hours with a kitchen knife. Remove sticky resin from you hands with baby wipes and nail polish remover.

We found double sided tape worked best for holding the ribbon on the domino. We tried glue first but it turned dark when it wet the ribbon. You can also use a glue on bail and make a pendant.

You can personalize the back with any permanent marker or gel pen.


Have a safe and healthy New Year.
Julie Panusis


  1. I love my ornament! I wondered how you made it. You are so crafty.

    Also, I love it that you are so entertaining even in pain.

  2. Thanks, sweet Deb. I enjoyed making the ornaments.
    Life is always fun and entertaining.