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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jewelry Making Challenges

I have signed up for my first Jewelry Making Challenge for 2013.

Art Jewelry Elements has issued an earring challenge that consists of making a pair of earrings each week with hand made beads or elements. You can use other artist's elements as long as you give them credit or you can use your own.

The first fifty people that signed up were given access to an Art Jewelry Elements Pinterest Board to post their creations and every two weeks we will post our earrings on our blog. If you like to look at hand made jewelry, follow the above link.

A jewelry making challenge is a perfect way to get your creative juices flowing and to try something that you might not have done before.

I participated in my first challenge last year sponsored by Fusion Beads. It involved a 30 day daily challenge to make a particular project according to their printed schedule. One of the first things we made was (you guessed it!) a Pinterest Board of our favorite Fusion bead products.   I survived the thirty days and learned a lot of new techniques for jewelry making and how to use Pinterest.

I found the sale bin at Fusion Beads in Seattle
This is a fantastic way for a store to get free advertising and to interest people in their products. We visited our daughter, Kim and family, in April in Marysville, Washington and my sister, Debbie, in Renton and took a side trip to the Fusion Bead Store in Seattle. 

The other Challenge I participated in last year was one I mentioned in my December post, "A Quick Post Before Christmas", the Artisan Whimsy Metal Prong Challenge. I made a pin for my husband's boss, Sunnie. It was brass with a stone that had been given to her with a sun engraved on it. It turned out well and she was very pleased.

I also participated in the Pantone  Bead Exchange last fall organized by Lori Anderson. She matched me with Cheryl McCloud who just happened to live about ninety miles south of me in California. I had the pleasure to meet Cheryl at Art is Petaluma in September and we ended up in class together.  Cheryl is a fun gal and I am so glad we were matched up. Some of the beads that Cheryl sent are under the pin.

With Cheryl and Catherine Witherell at Art-is-Petaluma

So many cats, so little time to see them all

I must go. Have a happy!
Julie Panusis


  1. Can't wait to see what you create for the challenge, I'm in it too :). Is that your kitty blending into the cushions up there?

  2. Hi, I sure hope you are feeling better. No, the cat isn't mine. I usually end my blogs with a cat photo to go with the name. There are endless photos of wonderful cats online. Our Reggie died a few years ago and we can't replace him. He was top dog in our house. We are left with three dogs with no cat to tell them what to do.
    I am excited about the challenge. Can't wait to see the photos. Fun, fun, fun.