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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tarpon Springs and Textures

My husband is Greek. Well, he is part Greek. His paternal grandfather was from Greece but his grandmother was from Texas. Maybe he's Greektex or Texreek. 

It just so happens that our next door neighbor is also from Greece. Before our trip Kirk and Stelios were talking over the side fence, as they often do, and Stelios was bemoaning the fact that you can't get good Greek feta cheese in California. Then he told Kirk about a Greek settlement in Florida at a place called Tarpon Springs. The Greeks have been sponge fishing there for over 100 years.

Anyway, to make a long story even longer, after our a lovely day with Barbara Lewis in St Petersburg we headed north to Tarpon Springs. The first thing we did was to go to the old town and eat lunch at the Mykonos Restaurant; Greek Salad, Greek fried potatoes and chicken lemon soup, all our favorites.

Then we walked along the water and into the shops where you could buy wonderful things from the sea and food and wine. Kirk bought the best Greek feta for Stelios and we carried it with us for the next eight days. Guys!

We took lots of pictures of Gary the cat, our traveling companion for the last 15 years, and picked through the sponges and shells for the best textures.

Both Kirk and I are now into forms of art that use texture. I am doing metal clay and Kirk is doing ceramic clay.

I never noticed texture before I started doing metal clay and now I see it everywhere.

At the end of the day, before heading out to the Hampton Inn we decided to stop for Greek coffee and a sweet.

I must say, a wonderful day was had by all. Especially Gary as he had his first tiramisu and he loves it. He keeps asking for more.

I hope you are having a fantastic day as well.
Julie Panusis


  1. Thank you for sharing your trip. Great pictures. You, Kirk & Gary always go to so many wonderful places. I sure enjoy your adverntures.

    1. You have had some pretty great trips yourself, dear Sis. Australia and Central America are nothing to sneeze at. I think the love of travel is our Mom's fault. I am so happy she passed it on.