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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Aged Beauty: Focus on Life: Week 15

I have been busy all day finishing my taxes. I didn't want to wait until the last moment, LOL. Tomorrow is April 15, which is the last moment. Meanwhile, my husband, Kirk, went out and bought a new truck today (well, new to us) so it has been a big day.

I didn't want to miss Sally Russick's latest prompt for Week 15 in her Focus on Life Challenge. This week her prompt was, "Aged Beauty".

I thought and thought and then I remembered the photos that I took several years ago in Michigan when we went back for a family reunion.

This is the Abscota School house where my brother and I went to school when I was in the forth grade. It was a one room school house and housed grades 1-6 with one teacher, Mrs Converse. The same teacher that taught my mother, Alma, and her five siblings.

I remember that time with such fondness. I learned so much because we didn't just do school work, we played games and sang songs together. I learned to love books and stories there. Then there was my first real boy friend, Jimmy. He was in the sixth grade and we held hands at recess. I thought we would be together always.

It is no longer a school but I think it is very beautiful as are the memories it holds for me.

Good night and sweet dreams.
Julie Panusis


  1. What a pretty schoolhouse~~:-)

  2. The kitty is cute =)
    This school certainly well cared.

  3. Julie I enjoyed your story. This school helped shape who you are. Thanx for sharing your memories with us.

  4. That photo is just perfect! I loved reading your story also. Thanks for sharing!