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Monday, April 29, 2013

North Bay Makers Guild and Torch Enameling

I have a group of friends that I love to get together with. We try to meet at least once a month at each others homes and make things.

L-R: Judy, Julie, Missy P, Catherine, Donna, Marian and Linda

On Sunday, April 21, it was my turn to host and I gave a mini workshop on two types of torch enameling. The day was glorious so my husband, Kirk helped me set up outside under our gazebo top.

Catherine fluxing her penny

The first thing we did was enamel on pre-1982 pennies. They are actually made of copper. We cleaned the pennies with Penny Bright, punched holes and fluxed the pennies, then put counter enamel on the back. Then we cleaned the front and enameled them. We ended up with some wonderful earrings or charms.

Catherine brought some sheet copper, her punch and dapper so we also made some pendants.

 Donna sifting enamel onto the front of her pennies.

Marion and Donna sharing an enameling table

Marian really got into the enameling.

Linda, Catherine and Julie
At the end I demonstrated how to torch enamel in the "Painting with Fire" method made famous by Barbara Lewis.

Those that were interested in this faster, and easier way to enamel, had a try. Fun was had by all. LOL

This is my dear friend, Judy and my husband Kirk.

Judy called this photo, "the long and short of it." She has the same humor as my husband.

Judy is wearing her beautiful torch fired enamel necklace that she made at the recent Glass Show in Las Vegas in a class with Barbara Lewis.

These earrings are an example of the "painting with fire" method of enameling. The inside and outside of the metal gets enameled at the same time.



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Have a fantastic week!
Julie Panusis



  1. Boy did we have fun! And my friends, that is the short of it!!!!!

  2. You all look so happy! And your hubby and friend are adorable~~just like you! Catherine looks like she's enjoying herself too. Enamel and colors~~yum!

  3. Yes, I am the happiest when surrounded by friends and loved ones. What fun.
    I wish you lived closer, dear Chris.

  4. Gee girl, you have TOOLS! Gotta love it!

  5. You could not imagine how many tools I have. LOL. When you have been doing metal work for more than ten years you tend to collect a few.
    I also have glass fusing equipment and wire working stuff and on and on. I am a tool junkie.