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Monday, April 8, 2013

Focus On Life: Week 14 and a Bit of Nashville

The prompt this week from Sally Russick at The Studio Sublime was "Close Up" for our 52 week photo challenge.

In honor of the arrival of spring, I thought I would post a photo that I took in my garden a few years ago. It is a mystical creature that graced me with her presence. She stayed long enough for her close-up and then moved on. I felt blessed to be chosen.

I just got back last night from Art-is Nashville. It is a most wonderful Art Retreat from the Art-is-You Retreats. I plan to view my photos and post more about it later.

Gloria from Alabama
I came home to piles of mail, dirty floors, piles of laundry, unfinished taxes and lots of mud. We finally got some spring rain, Yipeeeeee! It is a small price to pay for the unbelievable fun I had seeing my dear friends and making new dear friends.

Another Julie, we are awesome

I also came home to a very happy, smiling husband, a Dachshund who was screaming for joy and my other two dogs who were wagging their whole bodies. I have to go away more often. It is so gratifying to be greeted like that.

Well back to real life for a short while. I will be back soon.

Happy Day!
 Julie Panusis


  1. That is a fabulous've never seen one that red before!! Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Stacie. I've never seen on of those ever. What is it? LOL