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Friday, April 26, 2013

Focus On Life: "Color" Week 17 and "Take a Walk" Week 16

This week Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime gave us the prompt, "Color" for our fifty-two week photo challenge and asked us to relate how it made us feel.  For a long time now I have liked the color red. Not just any red but the red that has more pink in it or the red that has blue. For some reason I didn't like the orange red; maybe because it doesn't look good on me. So I looked for my kind of red and I found it in my own front yard.

Red gives me energy and makes me happy. It says, "look at me, I'm alive". I have many red tops in my closet and one of my favorite things to wear on special occasions are my red shoes. Yes, I do like red.

Last week while I was struggling to recover from a bad cold that my dear husband, Kirk, gave me, the prompt was, "Take a Walk". That one was very difficult for me as there were so many possibilities. I often take my camera with me when I take a walk. In fact, I was too overwhelmed to choose just one photo.

I call this photo, "Getting your ducks in a row."
Now that I feel better, I have decided to look at the prompt differently and use a photo of someone or something taking a walk. Two photos immediately came to mind.

This photo was taken in August, 2010, at my cousin, Lynnda and her husband, Bob's house near Battle Creek, Michigan, the place I was born. In Battle Creek, not at Lynnda's. They have all manor of creatures on their farm and it is like a little bit of heaven staying with them.

The other photo is of Lynnda and Bob when they took us on a day trip to the shores of Lake Michigan. We had so much fun.

I will leave you now with a wonderful photo that I found on the Internet of someone trying to take their cat for a walk.

 Have a fantastic weekend.
Julie Panusis


  1. Roses are a favorite of mine as well. I love the deep colors in some of them. The walking photos are awesome. I love the ducks and the one of your cousins is super awesome!

  2. Red is so warm and energizing! I have pops of it throughout my house.

  3. Love the red in the rose - brilliant color! And those 'ducks in a row' - love that photo!!

  4. I too love reds that are on the pink side. Your rose is gorgeous. Your ducks in a row pic made me laugh. Way cool!

  5. Red is very in this year and it is truly an energizing color. Love the ducks in a row photo.

  6. Great walking photos!! Red is not my favorite color but you make it look wonderful.